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The Bucovina monasteries remain some of the greatest cultural treasures of Romania and rightfully claim their place among UNESCO world heritage sites. Situated in the lush valleys of Bucovina in northeastern Romania, you will be transported back to medieval Europe, during a time of great religious tranformation.

Join Ciprian Slemcho and Monastery Tours for an unbelievable journey into the heart of rural Romania. Your personal tour guide will bring the stories of the monasteries to life on an unforgetable trip through history.

Stay in a traditional homestead, taste traditional Romanian cuisine and experience the traditional Bucovina lifestyle. Discover the difference...

Afterward, we drove the few miles south to Voronet, the oldest of the monasteries. It has been dubbed the "Sistine Chapel of the East," and the comparison does Michelangelo credit. Swathed in a satiny indigo known as "Voronet blue," it was the most beautiful church I'd ever seen.
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The Bucovina monasteries lie in a region close to the city of Suceava in northeastern Romania. Built in the 15th and 16th centures, the monasteries were marked by the personalities of the Moldavian princes Stephen the Great and his son, Petru Rares. Stephen the Great was an illustrious army commander, a defender of Christendom and a prolific promoter of culture.