Bucovina monastery tours

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Ciprian Slemcho is reknowned in Romania for bringing the history and beauty of Bucovina alive. Born in Vaslui, he moved to Suceava in 1986 and has always been facinated with the history and culture of his own country.

After graduating from high school, he attended seminary school for five years. After realising that being a priest wasn't his calling, he decided to use the knowledge he learned and to show people the beauty of Bucovina.

He met Giovanna Pisanu from Italy who encouraged him to be a tour guide. He then created Monastery Tours to give personal tours to individuals and groups, in Romanian, English, French, Spanish and German. After four years of hard work, he meets Steve Kokker, the main researcher for Lonely Planet Romania & Moldova, who was so impressed that he features Ciprian in the 2004 edition.

This highly recommended private tour guide is a specialist in both religion and history and therefore perfect to visit the monasteries with. He's also a can-do kind of guy and arranges tours to suit your schedule.
Lonely Planet - Romania & Moldova 2004

Ciprian invites you to take a tour through religion, art and history in the heart of rural Romania, Bucovina and Maramures. Come discover the difference...


       Ciprian in Maramures